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IOME Bio builds on foundational insights and IP from world-renowned immino-oncology researchers, and has an exclusive option to licence new IP arising from ongoing sponsored research at Harvard

Prof. Dennis Kasper

Immunology & Microbiome

• William Ellery Channing Professor of Medicine

• Professor of Immunology, Harvard Medical School

• Delineated the microbiota’s centrality in immune system development, maturation, and regulation, initiating a new and dynamic research field

• Pioneered role of microbial molecules in shaping immune system development and enabled probing of the microbiome for new therapeutics

Prof. Arlene Sharpe


• George Fabyan Professor of comparative Pathology; Chair, Dept of immunology;
Co-Director, Evergrande Center for immunologic Diseases

• Shared Warren Alpert Foundation Prize with Gordon Freeman, Lieping Chen, James Allison and Tsuku Honjo for their collective contributions to the pre-clinical foundation and development of immune checkpoint blockade

Prof. Gordon Freeman

Medical Oncology

• Professor of Medecine, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Adjunct, Dept of Immunology and Virology

• Demonstrated the Inhibitory function of PD-L1 and PD-L2 and showed that blockade of this pathway enhances T cell activation, proliferation and cytokine production

IOME Bio’s foundational research and intellectual property was discovered through sponsored research in the labs of Arlene Sharpe and Dennis Kasper at Harvard

This ongoing research aims to uncover the mechanisms behind the beneficial effect of a healthy human microbiome on clinical responses in cancer patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors

Two novel targets were identified and antibodies to these targets were shown to overcome resistance to checkpoint inhibitors in mice

IOME Bio is developing humanised antibodies to these novel targets in man

The first publication of this research has been submitted to Nature

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